Daftar Alamat & Telepon Restoran Jepang di Jakarta

Sebats.com - Semua tahu bahwa restoran jepang semakin banyak peminatnya dan tidak heran jika perkembangannya semakin banyak jumlahnya terutama di wilayah jakarta. Nah jika anda sewaktu-waktu ingin mencoba masakan jepang, list daftar dan nomor telepon restoran jepang di jakarta dibawah ini mungkin bisa membantu anda dalam mencari restaurant jepang yang ada didekat lokasi kantor atau tempat tinggal anda.

Ajihara (Jalan Melawai “Little Tokyo”, Blok M ; Tel: +62-21 7201340): Authentic izakaya, popular with expats, with a karaoke above. Big portions, do not hesitate to share. Recommended dishes: Sashimi, teuchi soba (buckwheat noodles), soba sushi. Around Rp150-200k per person for a meal with beer.

Ajisen Ramen: Chain originally from Japan, with branches all over Jakarta and Asia (more than 200). Cheap, well-marketed, but disappointing taste.

Akane (Crowne Plaza, Gatot Subroto ; Tel: +62-21 522 0735): Modern Izakaya, regularly listed as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. Tokyo-style, creative cuisine, yet unpretentious and not too expensive. Same owner (Ueda-San) as Boci-Boci, Konoha, Tsukinofune, Sumiya. Recommended dishes: Sushi, yakitori, bento boxes…

Aoki (Gran Mahakam Hotel, Blok M ; Tel: +62-21 7209 966): Reputed all-you-can-eat buffet shabu-shabu with grade 9 wagyu beef (Rp159++).

Asuka (Marriott Hotel, Mega Kuningan ; +62-21 5798 8898): Modern interior, with strictly authentic Japanese cuisine.Headed by a Japanese Chef. The omakaze will cost you above Rp1,5 million per person. Cheaper, you can try their buffet on Sunday Buffet for Rp300k without drinks. Voted Jakarta’s Best Japanese restaurant a few times.

Aya restaurant (Jalan Mahakam 11A ; Tel: +62-21 7279 5184): Authentic restaurant, omakase for Rp1 million or more. Japanese chef.

Basara (Summitmas Tower, Jalan Sudirman ; Tel: +62-21 520 1233) Old, but underrated restaurant, popular with Japanese expats and executives. About Rp200,000 per head, rather old, – popular with japanese expats and businessman

Blowfish (Same building as the eponymous nightclub, Gatot Subroto ; Tel: +62-21 5297 1212): Chic venue, with prices higher than average. Creative fusion sushi.

Boci Boci (Ambai Building, GF, Jl. Melawai 8 No. 4 ; Tel: 7279 8463) : Great Izakaya in Blok M, excellent Japanese bistro-style cuisine, affordable. Recommended dishes: Ramen, Yakitori. Popular with Japanese expats.

Bushido (Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jalan Sudirman ; Tel: +62-21 570 4444): Set lunch or à la carte. Affordable but needs to be improved both in taste and atmosphere.
Caza Suki (Mahakam ; Tel: +62-21 724 6375): Famous for its affordable, all you can eat buffet (Rp110,000++). 2 kinds: Shabu-shabu and Barbeque. Decent, popular with Indonesians. Also in Kebon Sirih, 200 meters before Jalan Jaksa, since 2008 (Tel: +62-21 344-7912)

Ebeya Steak House (Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place ; Tel: +62-21 5797 3661): Modern Japanese cuisine. Probably one of the most expensive restaurants in Jakarta: 2,5 million per person for teppanyaki. A la carte, expect to pay Rp400,000 for lunch, and Rp800,000 for dinner excluding drinks. More than just good food: Great service, atmosphere, originality and presentation of the dishes. Note: It used to be near Mid-Plaza, in the Plaza Residences but it has changed location since 2010.

Edogin (Hotel Mulia ; Tel: +62-21 574 7777 ext 4719,4720): Good for Teppanyaki. Also, rather good value-for-money all u can eat: For lunch between Rp109,000++ and Rp189,000++, and for dinner between Rp189,000++ and Rp200,000.

En Dining (Plaza Indonesia EX ; Tel:+62 21 3199 0203, and Crystal Lagoon, SenCi Tel: +6221 7278 1603) – Stylish, bright venues, more expensive than average (Rp150,000-200,000 à la carte). Specializing in Okinawa cuisine (Chinese-influenced Japanese food)
Esina (Plaza Senayan ; Tel: +62-21 5785 2767): Upscale Yakiniku/Japanese BBQ. Excellent but pricey (Rp1 million for full meal per person).

Fukuten (Plaza Senayan Arcadia ; Tel: +62-21 5790 1271): Classy restaurant specializing in Kushiyaki and Katsu. A bit too expensive.

Goemon (Wisma Kyoei Prince L. 3 ; Tel: +62-21 572 3343): Authentic Japanese restaurant, not too expensive, among the best value for money in Jakarta. Popular with Japanese expats for lunch.

Gyu-Kaku (Pacific Place ; Tel: +62-21 5140 0617, Plaza Indonesia ; Tel: +62-21 3107 196): Similar with Toranomon, well-designed, upmarket Japanese BBQ restaurant. Good quality meat, around Rp500,000 per person if you go for the grill.

Hachi Hachi Bistro (Taman Anggrek ; Tel: +62-21 5699 9527): Cheap fusion sushi. Purist will not like it, but it is crowded with Indonesians. Also in Central Park (Tel: +62-21 5698 5592).
Hakata Ikkousha (Rumah Bahagia Pertama, Jl. Muara Karang Raya 85 ; Tel: +62-21 6660 0255): Buzzing Japanese restaurant serving what some people consider the best ramen in Jakarta. So packed you may have to wait before seating, it is rather cheap (gyoza for 35k, pork ramen for 38k) and basic (you sit next to other customers).

Hanamasa (locations all over Jakarta): Maybe the most popular all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu/yakiniku restaurant in Jakarta. Less than Rp100k. Average quality, especially the meat, but worth it for most customers.

Hanei (Grand Indonesia ; Tel: +62-21 2358 0535, Senayan City ; Tel: +62-21 7278 1395, Pondok Indah ; Tel: +62-21 7592 0890): Rather affordable (around Rp70,000 per person) but the quality is not consistent. Specialties: Sushis, sashimis, shabu-shabu.

Honoka (Jalan Panglima Polim Raya, Perfect restaurant for lunch, authentic food with interesting set lunch menu ranging from Rp65,000 to Rp125,000.
HonZen (Intercontinental Hotel MidPlaza, Jalan Sudirman ; Tel: +62-21 570 7796): Contemporary Japanese restaurant, with Japanese Chef. It has a sushi bar and a kushiage bar. Very good, probably underrated.

Ippachi (Plaza Senayan Arcadia ; Tel: +62-21 5790 1461): Nice, authentic setting and good sushis/sashimis. Japanese chef. A bit pricey.

Ippeke Komachi (Mall Kelapa Gading 3 ; Tel: +62-21 4585 3722): A decent Japanese restaurants for North Jakarta. Affordable menu set 80k. Good takoyaki.

Joobu Sushi (Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Blok WD2 No. 19 ; Tel: +62-21 450 8551): Sushi bar, opened by a mixed Indo-American. Received mixed reviews so far.

Kahyangan (Hotel Nikko ; Tel: +62-21 230-1122): Supposedly the best shabu-shabu in Jakarta. Also the most expensive. Great view and romantic. See my review on Jakarta100bars.

Kaihomaru (Jalan Melawai VI ; Tel: +62-21 739 8741): This authentic restaurant has it all: great atmosphere, freshness, presentation of the dishes. The only problem is the price: Expect to pay more than Rp300,000 per person. In my Top 3 of the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. Also opened in Pondok Indah.

Kamogawa (Pavilion Apartment Retail Arcade, Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 24 ; Tel: +62-21 574 1988): Upscale restaurant serving good sushi, tempura, gyoza, udon, shabu-shabu. All-you-can-eat on weekends for Rp200k++.

Katsura (Plaza Senayan ; Tel: +62-21 5772 5226): Elegant design, it serves teppanyaki, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki. Affordable set menu for lunch (under Rp100k).

Katsusei: See my review posted on Jakarta100bars .

Kawana Sushi (Jl. Melawai IX no. 18, Blok M ; Tel: +62-21 722 0291/8842): Expensive sushi restaurant. Owned by a Japanese, their fish is imported from Japan every 2-3 days. Authentic.

Keyaki (Hotel Sari Pan Pacific, Thamrin, Tel: +62-21 2993 2752): Their sushi is recommended. You have an all-you-can-eat buffet for Rp180k/pers excluding tax. Also available: Robatayaki, Sukiyaki, Teppanyaki.

Kihana (Plaza Indonesia ; Tel: +62-21 310 7596): Same owner as Kiyadon. More expensive than better restaurants, but still decent taste with nice atmosphere and service. Recommended for sushis.

Kikugawa (Jl. Cikini Raya IV No. 13, Menteng +62 21 3150668): Old-time favourite Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, but now average compared to the best ones in the city.

Kinokawa (Menara Thamrin, Jalan Thamrin ; Tel: +62-21 315 8877): One of the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, it serves the best sushis and the best omakase (up to Rp1,5 million per person). The chef Tate-san left in 2011 for Tatemukai though so I don’t know if the quality is still the same. Reservation necessary, it is better to visit on Tuesday and Friday, when the imported fish arrives from Japan.

Kira-Kira Ginza (Jl. Melawai IX No. 30 ; Tel: +62-21 726 2611): Specializes in katsudon (katsu with pork, rare in jakarta). Also excellent takoyaki, gyoza and okonomiyak. Good value, around Rp80k per person.

Kirishima (Gran Melia, Kuningan ; +62-21 526 8080): Teppanyaki, decent and not too expensive compared to other Japanese restaurants in 5-star hotels (not to be mixed with Kirishima Kitchen, much cheaper, in Pondok Indah)

Kiyadon (Usually in high-end malls): Rather expensive, similar to Sushi Tei (rp100k/pers). Good tempura. Even wider choice of sushi (fusion and traditional) in some branches called Kiyadon Sushi.

Konoha (Melawai 2 ; Tel: +62-21 720 6906): Authentic, good yakitori, affordable

Kushigin (Melawai IX No.10F ; Tel: +62-21 723 4289): Izakaya with good value yakitori and ramen.

Le’zzzaat (Permata Bank Tower, Jalan Sudirman ; Tel: 021-250-0528): Japanese-Italian restaurant.

Marufuku (Jl. Melawai 6 no. 11, Blok M ; Tel: +62-21 726 7777): Affordable restaurant owned by a Japanese. Rather basic but excellent food, in particular the shabu-shabu and sushi.

Marutama Ramen (Sentral Senayan 1 ; +62-21 572 4050, eX Plaza Indonesia ; Tel: +62-21 316 0705, Pluit ; Tel: +62-21 669 1199, Puri Indah Mall ; Tel: +62-21 582 3193): Chain specializing in ramen and nabe. Good service and food, but Ramen 38 may be a little better.

Midori (Kebayoran Baru ; Tel: +62-21 726 7249, Pondok Indah ; Tel: +62-21 769 2737, Kelapa Gading ; Tel: +62-21 451 3920, Puri Kencana ; +62-21 582-6855, Jl. Wahid Hasyim ; +62-21 314 8957). Authentic and unpretentious, good value-for-money. Recommended Sushis.

Misticanza (Sahid Sudirman Residance, Jalan Sudirman 86 ; Tel: +62-21 2902 2837): Italian food à la Japonaise, similar with Le’zzzaat.

Miyama (Hotel Borobudur ; Tel: +62-21 380 5555): Modern Japanese cuisine with Japanese chef. Affordable for a fine dining restaurant.

Nippon Kan (Sultan Hotel, ex-Hilton ; Tel: +62-21 570 3600). Beautiful design but not reputed.

Nishimura (Shangri-La Hotel ; Tel: +62-21 3048 8565) Replaces Nadaman. Fine dining Japanese, specializing in preparation with Wagyu Beef (Teppanyaki/Shabu-Shabu). Expensive for dinner, reasonable for lunch (with set menu and a non-alcoholic drink, less than Rp200k).

Ootoya (Senayan City, 5th floor ; Tel: +62-21 7278 1552, Pacific Place Mall 5th floor ; Tel: +62-21 5797 3858, Plaza Indonesia ; +62-21 3983 8252). Huge chain of family restaurant, originally from Japan. Best for Donburi (rice dish bowl). Rather good quality and healthy. Set menu for lunch for around Rp80k++.

Origami (Nikko Hotel, Jalan Thamrin ; Tel: +62-21 230 1122): Fresh sushis and sashimis. All-you-can-eat at Rp250,000 . The chef is Japanese chef.

Poke Sushi (Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jalan Gatot Subroto ; +62-21 522 0733): Reasonably priced quality sushis, all-you-can-eat for under Rp150k (also located in Dharmawangsa Square).

RA Sushi: (Bellagio Boutique Mall, Mega Kuningan ; Tel: +62-21 3002 9970): Creative, fusion sushis in a modern setting. Relatively expensive.

Ramen 38 Sanpachi (Main branch in Kamome Bldg, 2nd Floor, Jl. Melawai Raya 189B ; Tel: +62-21 7280 0268): Originally from Japan, it is a pioneer chain of Japanese noodle in Jakarta (Ramen). Good and affordable (less than Rp50k net). Famous for its spicy jigoku ramen.

Rakuzen (Pacific Place, +62-21 5140 0499): All-you-can-eat at Rp188,000++, nice atmosphere and design. The chef is Japanese and so is the fish (imported). Rakuzen is part of a chain with branches in SGP and KL. Pricey.

Sakana (MidPlaza Basement Floor, Jl Jend Sudirman ; Tel: +62-21 570 6200): Izakaya serving one of the best takoyaki in Jakarta. Authentic and affordable. Good sushis too.

Sakura (Graha Niaga, Financial Club Jakarta Sudirman ; Tel: +62-21 5296 0070, Lebak Bulus ; +62-21 751 1193, and Sakura Cikampek ; +62 264 350665). Provides buffet, bento lunchbox, sushi bar. Great ramen too.

Sekai (Jalan Suryo 30, Senopati, Tel: +62-21 7278 8750 ): Cheap all-you-can-eat sushis or shabu-shabu (Rp125k net). You get what you pay for.

Sekitei (Dharmawangsa Hotel ; Tel: +62-21 725 8181): Among the top Japanese restaurants in Jakarta: Perfect service, perfect food and atmosphere. Dinner could cost you around 1 million, but you can get much better deals if you come for lunch (set lunch menu Rp100,000). Serves sushi, sashimi, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki among others.

Shabu Nobu (Dharmawangsa square ; Tel: +62-21 7278 6650, Plaza Indonesia ; Tel +62-21 310 7710, Kemang Raya no17 ; Tel: +62-21 719 5246, The Bellezza Permata Hijau ; Tel: +62-21 2567 5874): Affiliated with Sushi Nobu, around Rp100k for shabu-shabu (more or less depending on the type your order). Average taste.

Shabu Shabu house. See my review here on Jakarta100bars.com.

Shabu Tei (Various locations in Jakarta, usually middle class malls): Affordable shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. Not great but decent considering the price (less than Rp100,000).

Shabuya (Central Park Mall ; Tel: +62-21 5698 5585): Shabu-Shabu/Sukiyaki, with all-you-can-eat at Rp115++ (with Angus beef).  Good but the prices should go up.

Shima (Aryaduta hotel ; Tel: +62 21 2352 1234): Old restaurant, decent teppanyaki, not too expensive.

Sumibian (In two locations, Mangga Dua Square (Tel. (62-21) 6231 0002), and Chase Plaza (Tel : +62-21 2512888 the best one, with great view): Authentic Japanese BBQ or Yakiniku): Best in Jakarta for authentic Japanese BBQ (Yakiniku). . Expensive, Rp400,000 per pers, all you can eat Rp700,000

Sumire (Grand Hyatt, Plaza Indonesia, Tel: +62-21 390 1234): Very, very expensive, in the top 3 of the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, teppanyaki at Rp1,5 million per person .

Sumiya ( STC Senayan ; Tel: +62-21 5793 1826): Izakaya serving delicious, authentic Japanese food. Excellent value-for-money (normal spend: Rp100,000). Popular especially after work, pub-like atmosphere. Must-try restaurant.

Sushi Groove: See my review on Jakarta100bars.

Sushi Nobu (Dharmawangsa square and other location ; Tel: +62-21 7278 6650): More expensive than average, fusion sushi.

Sushi Sei (Plaza Senayan ; Tel: +62-21 572 5510): Excellent sushis and sashimis, but not good value, at least Rp200,000k. If you are on a tight budget you can find cheaper options with similar taste.

Sushi Tei: (All over Jakarta): Slightly overrated (surprisingly, it is the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta on TripAdvisor), Sushi Tei has a good marketing team, but the sushis are not impressive, nor authentic. It remains a decent venue, in particular for the service and atmosphere.

Sushi Tengoku (Jl. Radio Dalam Raya ; Tel: +62-21 739 6940): Good, traditional sushi at affordable prices.

Taichan (Plaza Senayan ; Tel: +62-21 572 5262, Jl. Melawai VI/No.5 Blok M ; Tel: +62-21 726 1281 (Izakaya Taichan)): 20 years-old, authentic restaurant. Recommended for its Stamina Ramen (Rp50,000).

Takemori (Senayan City (Sencity), 5th Floor ; Tel: +62-21 7278 1177): Mid-range shabu-shabu and grill restaurant with decent food. Meat imported from Australia. Around Rp150,000 to Rp200,000 per person, which is quite expensive. Also in Grand Indonesia (Tel: +62-21 2358 0368)

Tarakagima (Menteng ; Tel: +62-21 316 0359, Kelapa Gading ; Tel: +62-21 3281 7866): Previously called Sumo Sushi. Cheap sushi restaurant with weekend all-you-can-eat for Rp 120k++.

Tatemukai (Grand Indonesia, East Mall 3A ; Tel: +62-21 2358 1807): Reservation only, amazing dining experience, at least Rp1 million (but probably more) for Omakase . By famous Chef Tate-san
Toranomon (Grand Indonesia ; Tel: +62-21 2358 0061): Franchised from Japan (though I could find the main branch in Japan on Google), it specializes in Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). Upmarket atmosphere, nice view on Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, but pricey (Rp500,000 for full meal). Check for discounts with some credit cards.

Torikatsu (Jalan Melawai 9 ; Tel: +62-21 723 0159): Authentic, specializes in yakitori.

Tsukinofune (Hotel Ambhara, Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya ; Tel: +62-21 270 0709): Expensive, but must-try sushi and sashimi. Well-presented Bento at Rp160k. Top Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.

Umena Dori (Plaza Senayan ; Tel: +62-21-5793 9710): People visit this restaurant for its “satay” (yakitori and Kushiyaki). More expensive than average, around Rp150,000 per person.

Yakoya (Menteng, Jalan Imam Bonjol ; Tel: +62-21 391 6337): Affordable shabu-shabu with all-you-can-eat at Rp150,000 net. Similar to Paregu/Hanamasa, maybe slightly better in terms of taste and atmosphere.

Zhuma Japanese (Crystal Lagoon, Senayan City ; Tel: +62-21 727 81 237): Stylish restaurant, with fusion sushi, (too) expensive.

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